Our Top 10 Picks

Our Own Top 10 (+1)

Having over 17 years of experience helping literally thousands of people, and taking the products ourselves, we have combined our favorite products into a "Top 10" list. We're confident one or more of these products will help you as they have helped us and others!

1. IF Relief
(John's personal favorite)

Being a swimmer, weight lifter, and a triathlete--it isn't uncommon for me to have a muscle pull, injury, or something else that causes an ache or pain. Usually, it is an inflammation of some kind. IF Relief (the IF stands for "Inflammation Formula") is a staple in our home. Combines several herbal anti-inflammatories, including mangosteen and tumeric--as well as the natural pain reliever White Willow Bark to take the edge off the pain. It is also a favorite of my elderly mother for her various aches and pains.

2. Magnesium Complex
(Roxanne's personal favorite)

Magnesium is used as a muscle relaxer, including some muscles you might not normally think of--such as bowel muscles and even the heart. If at times she feels her heart under stress, she takes Magnesium Complex combined with Hawthorn and feels that it helps calm her rate and relieve pressure. The Magnesium Complex is a nice formula with a couple of different forms of VERY bio-available magnesium for excellent absorption. She also feels that it helps relieve chocolate cravings. (Who knows? could be true.)

3. Peppermint Oil
(11 year old son's favorite, but also everyone else in the family)

Frankly, a bottle of NSP Peppermint Oil goes with me EVERYWHERE. Good thing too. Between indigestion issues of myself, my wife, and the kids--this comes in very handy way too often. Only a small amount of this pure, very potent, peppermint oil usually helps with acute upset stomach and indigestion. Being a heavy coffee drinker, I also like it to help freshen breath.

4. Golden Salve
(8 year old daughter's favorite, but John is grateful for this one too)

When asked, my daughter said this without hesitation. When riding her bike, she can be injury-prone. Abrasions and skinned arms/legs/hands are not an uncommon thing--and she uses Golden Salve for the properties of several ingredients, including comfrey. The benefits of the skin-healing properties of this product are best illustrated by pictures of my own left hand after a serious bike wreck while training for a triathlon several years back. The picture on the left is my left hand an hour or so after the wreck. I applied Golden Salve, not knowing just how good it would be. The picture on the right was taken ONE day later. Enough said.

5. Sunshine Heroes Children's Multi-Vitamin
(kids like it, but sometimes their dad sneaks some)

These are favorites of the children--probably because they taste so good. They have a "gummy" type of consistency and asorted fruit flavors. Note that Nature's Sunshine has a line of children's products under the "Sunshine Heroes" name. Usually, the children take the Sunshine Heroes Multi-vitamin along with the Elderberry Immune and the Calcium Plus D3.

6. Love and Peas
(John's favorite meal replacement)

Whether I'm in training, or simply trying to prevent/control weight gain during the off-season, low-calorie meal replacements come in very handy. Love and Peas is my personal favorite. I mix the gluten-free, allergen-free, certified vegan Pea Protein powder with low-fat milk and have a VERY tasty vanilla-flavored protein drink. Not only that, it can just about take the place of a multi-vitamin, since it gives me 75% of the recommended daily allowance of several vitamins and minerals. As an honorable mention, Roxanne really likes SmartMeal Vanilla and takes it almost every day. I'll admit it is also great-tasting.

7. AnxiousLess™

Let's face it...sometimes we (including Roxanne and I) all go through stressful times with our nerves on edge. For times like this, we like this relatively new product by Nature's Sunshine. AnxiousLess™ uses a patented plant extract called Zembrin®. About an hour before a situation arises that we anticipate to be stressful, we'll take AnxiousLess™ to take the edge of the nerves and simply make us calmer. During times of chronic stressful situations, Nature's Sunshine Nutri-Calm® is a nice daily product to help calm my nerves and replace the vitamins/minerals lost under stress.

8. ALJ® Capsules
(also in Vegitabs & Liquid)

About twice a year, our family gets affected by allergy season. For me, compounding it at times are the chemicals in the pool that I swim in year-round. Sometimes, it all simply gets too much for my sinuses, and over the years I have turned to ALJ® multiple times in a day, for a couple of days in a row, to help break up my congestion in the head. I personally use the capsules, but the Vegitabs are just as potent if that is preferable. For children, the liquid may be best. It is probably worth mentioning that we keep Tei Fu Essential Oil in the house too--putting some on our palms, breathing it in to help ease congestion.

9. Silver Shield®
(also in Gel and Rescue Gel)

At any one time, there could be several forms of this in our home. Silver Shield® liquid (there are also a couple of gels for wounds and other external use) is mainly for internal use, so we use it when we are wanting to prevent or help some type of infection. According to the patent, it was found to kill a number of bacteria and viruses, so in times of sickness where these types of invaders are present, we turn to it. Unlike some, the technology makes it very safe to take and I don't worry one bit about my children taking it.

10. Probiotic Eleven®

Probiotic Eleven® stays in our refrigerator simply because a lot of our intestinal issues (even constipation) seem to be helped with this product. Hard to find another quality product with 11 different strains of helpful intestinal bacteria. In cases of extreme constipation, we turn to Cascara Sagrada or LBS II®, a laxative product which is definitely a favorite of NSP customers worldwide. To help with digestion, we often turn to Proactazyme (a food enzyme that breaks down food in the stomach).

11. Paw Paw Cell Reg™

I'm going to add Paw Paw Cell Reg™ as an extra, even though it has not been used in our home for the last 5 years. Due to the serious disease (which Roxanne was diagnosed with at age 38) for which people often use it, we can't say much here due to FDA regulations. However, it is a top-seller for others looking for a natural alternative treatment. For more information, I suggest an informational website that does not sell the product. That website is www.pawpawresearch.com.