5-W Review: Only 5 Weeks to Go!

5-W Product Page/Ordering Information

5-W is used by many women during the last five weeks of pregnancy. It contains several herbs that strengthen the uterus and induce labor. Thus, it should never be used until close to the end of a pregnancy, and then only with caution. It is commonly used by women that are having their babies "naturally", as well as those that are using the services of a midwife.

When ordering, usually 3 bottles are necessary if you plan to take for the last 5 weeks and plan to take to bottle dosages.

It is a good idea to discuss use with your doctor before use. Some women have found that cohosh may increase bleeding during labor, so that should be considered.

This formula contains red raspberry, which is often used by women to strengthen and tone the uterus for delivery. Red raspberry is also available from Nature's Sunshine as a single herb.

For the nutritional needs of you and your baby, consider Nature's Prenatal and Calcium-Magnesium both during pregnancy and while nursing. Nature's Prenatal is easy to absorb into the body, and is high in folic acid--important for babies under development.

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