Prepare 2021

These aren't average times, so taking care of your health is more important than ever...

NOTE: No supplements from any company have been specifically tested for use with COVID-19 (novel coronavirus).  These are only suggestions based on the historical use of herbs and natural remedies, and have seen increased interest the last few weeks.

Silver Shield® with AquaSol® Technology. Available in sizes of 32, 16 and 6 fluid ounces.  Molecularly-modified silver patented for use in fighting microbes.

Silver Shield® Gel. Used as a hand sanitizer or surface disinfectant.

Chinese VS-C TCM. Originally formulated by a Chinese doctor to fight herpes simplex, many people use this to fight viruses of other sorts.

Vitamin C Chewable. Good choice of Vitamin C for both adults and kids. Easy to chew with a pleasant taste.

Elderberry D3Fense. Combines two immune boosting substances. Elderberry is often used during cold/flu season.  Vitamin D3 is well-known for its immune properties.

Zinc Lozenges. Used to fight viruses in the respiratory tract.
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