ALJ® Review: It's Time to Breathe Freely

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This formula was given to Nature’s Sunshine by the late Jeanie Burgess of Oregon, a master herbalist in her own right. It is one of the most popular Nature’s Sunshine products today, and is available in capsules, vegitabs (vegetable-based tablets), and as a liquid extract.

This is the key product for the respiratory system and has been used for just about any respiratory ailment—including allergies, sinuses, coughs, congestion, hay fever, and more. It is a superb decongestant. The typical usage for severe problems is to take 2-4 capsules every 2 hours. Usually, sinuses will break within a day or less. Due to the large amount of product that can be consumed within a short time period, consider getting either several small bottles or the large bottle of vegitabs. (There is no large bottle of capsules.)

Its ingredients are boneset, horseradish, mullein, fennel, and fenugreek. All of them are known for their respiratory system support. Many people have noticed drainage and respiratory clearing after breathing or eating pungent horseradish. It is no accident that horseradish is in this combination.

Depending on a person's particular needs, one or more products can be added. For example, those with pneumonia often add High Potency Garlic, since garlic has superb anti-bacterial properties. In fact, it is a good respiratory combination in general. If allergies are an issue, Histablock is a antihistamine, or allergy blocker. If the mucous is colored (indicating infection) one might consider taking the Echinacea/Golden Seal combination to help fight the infection.

Bottom line...this is one of this editor's favorite products--wouldn't be without it!

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