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The benefits of Aloe Vera are well-known for its soothing properties and immune system support. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians, as well as many other cultures, hailed aloe vera for its various properties. Many of us grew up with small aloe vera plants around the house and broke of its leaves to apply its inside gel to burns, sunburns, and many other skin irritations.

Aloe generally comes in several forms. The juice is somewhat diluted and is often taken internally for digestive and intestinal disorders, including IBS, diverticulitis, and other internal inflammatory conditions. The anti-inflammatory, soothing effects also make it desirable for problems like joint pain/arthritis where inflammation is an issue.

The gel is good for topical use, such as burns. Whole leaf aloe vera is generally what is used to build the immune system. Whole leaf aloe vera would contain the outside green part of the plant, which sometimes carries warnings for pregnant women. However, the juice itself is generally considered safe for internal consumption.

Dosages of several ounces of aloe vera at a time may also have a laxative effect. Thus, it is sometimes used in colon cleansing programs.

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