Dieter's Cleanse Review: Cleansing for Weight Loss

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Many knowledgeable people believe that the best way to start any diet off is with a colon cleanse. There certainly are several good reasons to make this the first step. First, it is not uncommon for one's intestine to contain several pounds of undigested food and fecal material. Second, this material acts as an "insulating" ring around the intestine's interior--keeping it from absorbing the nutrition from the food that the body needs. This material also becomes a breeding ground for inflammation, toxic materials, and even parasites. This layer of material may pass substances to the blood stream that the body will try to isolate by surrounding them in fat. Third, as your body burns fat during the dieting process, the waste products need to leave the body efficiently. There are other reasons as well.

Dieter's Cleanse is a quick, easy cleanse meant for such a purpose--to get the diet started off right. It has some good detoxing agents in it, but might not be as heavy on the detoxification as CleanStart®. What it does have extra are several substances to help get the diet started--SF (Skinny Formula), a mild laxative and diuretic, and chromium, an essential mineral for helping maintain proper blood sugar levels.

In any case, it is excellent as an economical cleanse and also a superb way to start a diet.

After taking Dieter's Cleanse, there are several other weight loss supplements that can be taken depending on the individual's personal keys for weight loss: Ultra Therm™ (metabolism booster), Stixated™ (appetite suppressant), and Fat Grabbers® are good choices. Again, picking the product to match your weight loss issue is important.

This herbalist is a big believer in the right types of exercise--heavy weight lifting. (Yes, even if you are a lady.)

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