Fat Grabbers® Review: Trap the Fat, Don't Keep it

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Fat Grabbers has been one of the Nature's Sunshine favorite and top-selling products for many years. It is typically used by people on diets when they are eating a meal that has at least some fat content. The Fat Grabbers attracts fat molecules, absorbs them, and thus prevents them from being absorbed into the bloodstream. Thus, its benefit is when actual fat is present. If a person is eating a leafy salad, there is little need to take Fat Grabbers since there is little or no fat to be absorbed.

There are no stimulants in Fat Grabbers®--only healthy ingredients. The ingredient chickweed does nourish the thyroid somewhat. Since it has no stimulants, it does not raise blood pressure or heart rate like some weight loss supplements have been known to do.

It is also possibly useful for people with defective gall bladders. Gall bladders produce bile, which is responsible for digesting fat. If the gall bladder is absent or not working properly, the inability to digest fat can possibly be painful. The chickweed and psyllium in Fat Grabbers® will attract the fat and carry it out with the normal bowel movements.

Anytime you take a soluble fiber--particularly psyllium--which can absorb many times its weight in water, you should drink lots of pure water. Failure to do so may cause constipation.

If you are beginning a diet and using Fat Grabbers®, it is a good idea to consider starting your diet off with a colon cleanse such as Dieter's Cleanse. Nature's Sunshine also has Carbo Grabbers®, which is similar to Fat Grabbers except that it attracts carbohydrates.

One thing that anyone wanting to control caloric intake or blood sugar levels in a normal range is to have a meal replacement strategy. Too often, we are on the road and need to get something quickly, or we come home tired and don't want to take the time to fix a nutritious meal. Neither of these situations are helpful to our cause as the temptation is too great to either skip the meal entirely, or grab whatever is handy--regardless of whether it is healthy. Frankly, you ought to consider Love & Peas--a pea protein meal replacement--not just a protein powder. It contains 75% RDA of 18 vitamins/minerals, a nice antioxidant blend, and a balanced amino acid profile. Aside from that...it tastes really, really good! It is also free from common allergens, such as dairy, wheat, gluten, and lactose.

In 2013, Nature's Sunshine came out with a number of new weight loss products focused to specific needs of individuals. Here are a few of them:

  • Stixated: To help curb your appetite between meals
  • Ultra Therm™: To help increase daily caloric burn, fat burn
  • Ultra Therm™ CF: To help increase daily caloric burn, fat burn--but without caffeine

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