Female Comfort Review: Are you Comfortable when it Counts?

Female Comfort Product Page/Ordering Information

Female Comfort was formerly known as FC with Dong Quai; however, the formula has not changed. It is a favorite among women for many female issues--PMS, menopause, irregular menstrual cycles, infertility and more.

Many women suffer from a condition known as "Estrogen Overload"--an imbalance of too much estrogen for the amount of the balancing hormone, progesterone. Estrogen overload presents itself in many ways--acne, breast pain, fibroids, infertility, female problems, PMS, and much more. Eldred Taylor, M.D., an OB-GYN from Georgia, authored a booklet called "The Dangers of Estrogen Overload", which covers this topic.

Excess estrogen can be obtained from hormone-fed meats, plastics, pesticides and more. These types of artificial, man-made estrogens (also known as xeno-estrogens) are considered to be more powerful than natural estrogens found in plants (also known as phyto-estrogens). However, when phyto-estrogens are received by estrogen receptors in the body, they block xeno-estrogens from being absorbed. Thus, women can find relief from taking the weak phyto-estrogens such as found in black cohosh and dong quai--two of the ingredients in this product.

Since excess estrogen leaves the body via the liver and colon, it is helpful and desirable to have the colon cleansed, detoxified, and moving regularly. Chinese Tiao He Cleanse is an excellent colon cleanse product that also has ingredients to build the liver. If extra support for the liver is desired or deemed necessary, consider Liver Cleanse or Milk Thistle Combination.

Typically, women still having menses will use this product, while women in menopause will use Flash-Ease instead.