High Potency Garlic Review: Support Circulation, Immunity, and more

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It is truly unfortunate that people associate this wonderful herb only with "bad breath", for truly it is one of the most amazing! Study after study reveals health benefit upon benefit.

Many companies today advertised "deodorized garlic." Unfortunately, the deodorization process used also removes the active compounds in the garlic! The Nature's Sunshine High Potency Garlic has a much better solution. These tablets are coated with chlorophyll to control the garlic's odor. The tablets then, do not break down until they reach the small intestine--thus giving you the full benefit without the unpleasant taste or odor.

As mentioned, the benefits of garlic are almost too numerous to list. It is widely known for its circulatory benefits. It generally needs to be used for long periods of time (3-6 months), but has been found extremely effective in lowering blood pressure. It has been used extensively to lower the bad cholesterol in the blood. It has also been used to lower blood sugar. Finally, it is also a natural blood thinner and has been used to fight blood clots.

For the respiratory system, the benefits are almost as many. It is a strong antibiotic, making it effective for fighting lung congestion, lung infections, pneumonia, bronchitis, and more. People have found it to be a superb decongestant. For respiratory congestion, using it with ALJ® can be an effective combination.

Garlic is also known for fighting yeast, fungi, and parasites. Combine with other anti-parasitic herbs such as Herbal Pumpkin or Artemisia for an increased effect. There are some reports that it also strengthens the immune system by activating T-cells and stimulating white blood cells to fight infections.

The bottom line is that garlic is truly very potent, and has been used by thousands of people. Definitely a great choice for many, many issues!

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