Intestinal Soothe & Build Review: The Best Friend your Intestine ever Had

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Nature’s Sunshine Intestinal Soothe and Build has been a favorite for many years for the many people whose digestive tracts are chronically giving problems, particularly inflammation. Its former name was UC3-J, but Nature’s Sunshine changed the name several years ago. However, the formula itself is the same.

This herbal combination contains mucilaginous herbs (marshmallow and slippery elm) that coat the digestive tract and help to relieve inflammation. It is commonly used by people who have inflammatory bowel disorders such as IBS or colitis. It also uses chamomile, which is well-known as a nervine herb.

Quite often, inflammatory conditions of the digestive tract are accompanied by a low level of friendly bacteria (flora). About 400 species of bacteria are in the digestive and intestinal areas at any one time, but most people have depleted levels of flora to the point that it compromises digestion, intestinal function, and even the immune system. Friendly flora is depleted by antibiotics, soft drinks, coffee, high fat diets, high sugar diets, and more. Although it is a good idea to take a daily probiotic anyway, such as Bifidophilus or Probiotic Eleven, it is even more of a good idea to take when inflammatory bowel disorders are present.

As always, when working on the digestive tract, one should drink plenty of good water daily. (Not including tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc., as several of these act as diuretics and actually dehydrate the body. Also--particularly in the case of soft drinks—you are adding substances to the body that are harmful anyway.) Recommended daily dosage of water varies depending on who you ask, but a good rule of thumb is to drink a number of fluid ounces per day that is half of your body weight in pounds. For example, a 200 pound man should drink 100 fluid ounces (about 8.5 twelve ounce glasses) per day. When cleansing the digestive and intestinal tracts, it is often a good idea to increase that volume.

A typical suggested Program for intestinal disorders (cystitis, Crohn’s Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Diverticulitis, etc.) would be Intestinal Soothe & Build, Stress-J, Aloe Vera Juice, and Bifidophilus Flora Force.

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