LBS II® Review: Popular Product for Healthy Bowel Function

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LBS II® is available in either capsules or vegetable tablet form. It has been one of the most popular Nature’s Sunshine products for many years. Generally, the acronym LBS is considered to stand for Lower Bowel Stimulant.

Studies estimate that over 90% of the US population is considered constipated. In general, one considers that a person should have a bowel movement for each major meal—a signal by the body to make room for the next meal. Major causes are lack of exercise, high fat/low fiber diets, high carbohydrate diets, and lack of water intake. The health consequences are enormous. Undigested food that stays in the intestine turns acidic and ferments, creating more toxic substances that cause inflammation in the colon and spread throughout the body--causing a myriad of health problems. As one famous doctor put it, "Death begins in the colon."

People often use LBS II® in an herbal program with Psyllium Hulls (either capsules or loose powder), Liquid Chlorophyll (as an intestinal cleanser, blood builder, and deodorizer), and Hydrated Bentonite (volcanic clay that absorbs toxins).

Most people find LBS II® to be fairly gentle as an herbal laxative, but it is always a good idea to drink plenty of pure water and to be on the lookout for diarrhea or other indications that it is too harsh.

Pregnant or nursing mothers should not take this product, as laxatives of this nature can be passed through to the babies.

If a person feels that long-term use of a bowel stimulant is needed, one should take a look at possible lifestyle reasons as to why chronic constipation is a problem. As one herbalist puts it, “What you don’t digest well, you don’t eliminate well.” Thus it is a good idea to consider taking digestive aids such as Food Enzymes or Proactazyme® to help break down food for better digestion. As mentioned, lack of exercise is another common cause. Many people find that doing specific exercises to target the abdomen area help with bowel regularity. Drinking plenty of pure water is a must.

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