Liquid Chlorophyll Review: Nature's Green Sunshine

Liquid Chlorophyll Product Page/Ordering Information

Sometimes affectionately called "Nature's Green Sunshine", NSP's Liquid Chlorophyll is one of their top selling products both in the United States as well as internationally. Its most common uses seem to be to nutritionally build the blood and to cleanse/deodorize the intestinal tract. It is also used to help avoid the buildup and release of stomach gases. Finally, due to its alkaline effect on the body, it is also often used to balance/maintain a proper pH (acid-alkaline level).

NSP’s Liquid Chlorophyll is made from alfalfa, an herb that when properly grown, is rich in iron and other minerals. Nature’s Sunshine adds spearmint oil to it, which gives it a pleasant minty taste. Since mint is often used for stomach disorders like indigestion and gas, this product can be helpful for these things as well.

The most common method of ingesting is to mix the Chlorophyll with water.

In 2013, NSP introduced an "extra-strength" formula of Liquid Chlorophyll, named Liquid Chlorophyll ES.

When used for intestinal cleansing, it is often used in conjunction with LBS II or cascara sagrada, psyllium hulls (powder or capsules), and hydrated bentonite.

Chlorophyll from Nature’s Sunshine is also available in capsules.

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