Love & Peas Review: What's your Meal Replacement Strategy?

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Love & Peas is one of this herbalist's favorite products. There are other pea protein powders out there...but virtually none that are an actual Meal Replacement. It is important to note the difference. (When I need a protein powder only--mainly after hard athletic training--I'll get concentrated protein powder. But that is NOT a meal replacement.)

Why is a meal replacement important? Why should you have a Meal Replacement Strategy?

It is no secret that we Americans are tempted with unhealthy food on a daily basis. Not just on a daily basis--but MANY times each day. If you are tired, stressed, or really hungry--the temptation is simply to find something easy and quick to eat. Unfortunately, that something is usually a food that hurts your health and packs on the pounds at the same time. So even if you are not trying to lose weight, having a Meal Replacement Strategy that provides for a quick, nutritious, filling meal is important.

Second, if you ARE trying to lose weight, having a healthy meal replacement is nothing short of essential. Not only to reduce the temptation for unhealthy eating for convenience or "quickness", but also to keep blood sugar/insulin levels from spiking and crashing. Love & Peas only has 180 calories per serving--and it is slow absorption from 20 grams protein and healthy omega-3 fatty acids--giving you a feeling of fullness.

The reason that pea protein is gaining in popularity is not only because it is a good source of protein, but this protein is free from common allergens--there is no whey, no dairy, no gluten, and no lactose. That is a big issue with many people--as that is not the case with most protein or most protein powders. Love & Peas also carries the Certified Vegan seal for those who adhere to a strict vegan diet.

True to Nature's Sunshine form, however--they fortified this powder to make it almost a combined multi-vitamin and meal replacement at the same time. Love & Peas contains 75% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of 18 vitamins and minerals. Nature's Sunshine also added some antioxidants tor cellular repair, and the amino acid profile is tremendous.

Finally, no meal replacement is going to get eaten unless it tastes good. Frankly, most protein powders aren't that great in their taste. That is NOT a problem with Love & Peas. This product's vanilla flavor really--I mean really--tastes good!

Like all their products, Nature's Sunshine has a satisfaction guarantee on this product--so there really is not a great reason not to try this. Develop and follow through on your own Meal Replacement Strategy!

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