Digestive System Key Products

Nature's Sunshine Digestive Products

NSP's key products for the Digestive System

Within the body, the digestive system works to break down foods into the raw nutrients needed by the body to sustain life and activity. Without good digestion, energy levels are poor and nothing else works as optimally as it should.

All-Purpose Support, recommended 30 day program:
Digestive System Pack

If not the Digestive Pack, these are products you absolutely shouldn't be without:
Proactazyme, Liquid Chlorophyll

Other Key Products

Antacid (maintain healthy levels of stomach acid)
Nutraceutical: Stomach Comfort
Botanical: Catnip & Fennel

Anti-Gas (avoid build-up and release of stomach gases)
Nutraceutical: Liquid Chlorophyll
Botanical: Anti-Gas Formula

Enyzmes (give your body the tools to get the most nutrition from your food)
Nutraceutical: Food Enzymes
Botanical: Proactazyme

Occasional Nausea (keep your food where it belongs!)
Botanical: FV, Peppermint Oil

Nutraceutical: Probiotic Eleven
Botanical: Gastro Health