Hepatic System Key Products

Nature's Sunshine Hepatic Products

NSP's key products for the Hepatic System

Featuring the liver, the hepatic system serves as the body's central filter, removing waste and contaminants from the circulatory and digestive systems.

All-Purpose Support, recommended 30 day program:
Hepatic System Pack

If not the Hepatic Pack, these are products you absolutely shouldn't be without:
Milk Thistle Combination, Indole-3-Carbinol

Other Key Products

General hepatic nutrition/tonic
Nutraceutical: Milk Thistle Combination
Botanical: Milk Thistle T/R

Liver Cleansing/Detox
Nutraceutical: Indole-3-Carbinol
Botanical: Liver Cleanse Formula
Complementary: Enviro-Detox

Heavy Metal Cleansing/Detox
Nutraceutical: Heavy Metal Detox
Botanical: Sarsaparilla

Blood Cleansing/Detox (eliminate cellular waste from the blood)
Nutraceutical: Enviro Detox
Botanical: Liver Balance TCM
Complementary: BP-X, Skin Detox

Blood Building/Tonic (basic nutrition for building healthy blood)
Nutraceutical: Liquid Chlorophyll
Botanical: Blood Stimulator TCM

Gall Bladder (maintain healthy function and flow)
Nutraceutical: Gall Bladder Formula
Botanical: Hydrangea

Cholesterol (help liver maintain normal ranges)
Nutraceutical: Cholester Reg II®
Botanical: Red Yeast Rice
Complementary: Guggul Lipid