Immune System Key Products

Nature's Sunshine Immune Products

NSP's key products for the Immune System

Once an invader is detected, the body's defenses focus on the invader and send various antibodies to eliminate the foreign substance and promote an optimal internal environment. Often, these defenses are weakened or compromised, allowing for various illnesses.

All-Purpose Support, recommended 30 day program:
Immune System Pack

If not the Immune Pack, these are products you absolutely shouldn't be without:
Elderberry D3fense®, Silver Shield®, Silver Shield Gel®

Other Key Products

Foreign Invaders (Bacterial)
Nutraceutical: Silver Shield®
Botanical: Echinacea & Golden Seal
Complementary: Silver Shield® Gel

Foreign Invaders (Viral)
Nutraceutical: Elderberry D3fense®
Botanical: VS-C TCM
Children: Sunshine Heroes Elderberry Immune

Nutraceutical: Yeast/Fungal Detox
Botanical: Caprylic Acid Combination®

Nutraceutical: Immune Stimulator®
Botanical: Trigger Immune TCM®

Complementary: Solstic Immune