Intestinal System Key Products

Nature's Sunshine Intestinal Products

NSP's key products for the Intestinal System

The intestines, best known for removing waste from the body, also serve to pick out and absorb nutrients into the body. Keeping this system clean and flowing smoothly is of the utmost importance.

All-Purpose Support, recommended 30 day program:
Nature's Sunshine does not have a pre-packaged Intestinal System program per se. However, there a number of intestinal cleanses available, including CleanStart™ and Tiao He Cleanse.

These are key products you shouldn't be without:
Bowel Detox, Probiotic Eleven®

Other Key Products

Bulking Fiber (absorbs water, increasing bulk and viscosity)
Botanical: Psyllium Hulls Combo

Stimulant Laxatives (provoke intestinal/bowel movement)
Nutraceutical: Bowel Detox
Botanical: LBS II®
Complementary: Liquid Cleanse

Gentle Laxatives (help soften the stool for easier waste removal)
Nutraceutical: Gentle Move®
Botanical: Everybody's Fiber

Soothing (calms aggravated bowels)
Nutraceutical: Intestinal Soothe & Build
Botanical: Small Intestine Detox

Anti-parasite (defend against unwanted microbes in the intestine)
Nutraceutical: Para Cleanse
Botanical: Artemisia Combo

Probiotics (defend against unwanted microbes in the intestine)
Nutraceutical: Probiotic Eleven®
Complementary: Bifidophilus Flora Force®

Occasional Diarrhea
Nutraceutical: Activated Charcoal
Botanical: Ginger