About NSP Quality

NSP doesn't trust anyone with your safety...

Some might think it’s obsessive to conduct over six hundred tests on Nature’s Sunshine products. We agree. We are absolutely obsessed with creating high quality products of unmatched potency, consistency and purity.

Our quest for quality begins at the source. We travel the world to find the highest quality natural ingredients available. Then, we inspect each supplier’s facility to ensure those ingredients are being harvested in a way that protects key essential nutrients, and the planet.

When ingredients arrive at our manufacturing facility in Spanish Fork, Utah, we run further tests to verify each ingredient’s quality and beneficial potential. Ingredients that make the grade, make it into Nature’s Sunshine products.

Ingredients that don’t measure up, make the long trip back home.

And when we ship millions of products around the world, each customer uses each product with confidence and trust in the results oriented formulas created by us… the obsessive perfectionists at Nature’s Sunshine.

We formulate, manufacture and package Nature’s Sunshine products right on our premises, under conditions and guidelines that meet the most stringent global regulations.

Six R&D Labs...Not One...Six!

The Nature’s Sunshine Research and Development Lab. This is where the magic happens. This is where innovative products are born. This is where imaginative staff scientists are provided with state of the art equipment, plus an unequalled freedom to explore the wondrous potential of natural ingredients.

In our Methods Lab, our staff PHD’s develop and validate the meticulous testing procedures used at every stage in the creation and production of our groundbreaking Nature’s Sunshine formulations.

Scientific scrutiny continues in our Microbiology Lab. This is where every raw material and every finished product is tested for purity and potency with advanced equipment that can precision test down to parts per trillion.

And we’re still not satisfied, until every natural ingredient in every Nature’s Sunshine product is further analyzed in our Vitamin, Mineral, or Herb Labs.

That’s the science that will always stand behind our success at Nature’s Sunshine.