Structural System Key Products

Nature's Sunshine Structural Products

NSP's key products for the Structural System

Comprised of bone, skin, muscles, and connective tissues, the Structural System protects your internal organs and gives you strength and ability to cope with the forces in your environment.

All-Purpose Support, recommended 30 day program:
Structural System Pack

If not the Structural Pack, these are products you absolutely shouldn't be without:
IF Relief, Skeletal Strength®

Other Key Products

Bone Health
Nutraceutical: Skeletal Strength®
Botanical: CA ATC Concentrate
Complementary: Calcium-Magnesium SynerPro®

Joint Health
Nutraceutical: Everflex®
Botanical: Joint Support
Complementary: Tei Fu® Lotion

Nutraceutical: Relief Formula
Botanical: IF Relief
Complementary: CurcuminBP™

Hair, Skin, Nails health
Botanical: HSN-W®

Skin Salves (encourage expulsion of impurities)
Drawing: Black Ointment
Soothing: Golden Salve