Nutri-Calm® Review: Nature's Stress Buster

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Nutri-Calm is a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement that is formulated to be especially helpful for those who are nervous, high-strung, or under a lot of stress. During this time, the body burns through a lot of B vitamins and Vitamin C. Thus, this formulation is much higher in these particular vitamins than the typical multi-vitamin.

Nature's Sunshine recently came out with a new anti-anxiety formula called Anxiousless. While Nutri-Calm helps replenish vitamins that are lost during stress situations (and provides some nervine herbs as noted below), Anxiousless uses a special formulation of Zembrin to help relieve a person facing anxiety or situations causing anxiousness.

There are several herbs in this formula that are known to be helpful in soothing the nervous system--hops, passion flower, and valerian root. However, it should be noted that this formula does not cause drowsiness. In fact, many people find that it increases energy along with a feeling of calmness.

This is a good key product for the nervous system. If a person is losing sleep due to their stress, Herbal Sleep is a formula consisting of the three nervine herbs mentioned earlier--hops, passion flower, and valerian. Kava Kava is another popular choice.

Stress tends to have a depleting effect on the adrenal glands due to overuse. It is important to realize that since depleted adrenal glands have been linked to serious health conditions, such as various auto-immune disorders. The ingredients of Nutri-Calm help nourish the adrenal glands as well as the nerves. Supporting the adrenals with Licorice Root, Adaptamax, and/or Adrenal Support may be a good addition to this type of program.

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