Peppermint Oil Review: Great Tasting, Fast Acting, Stomach Relief

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Peppermint Oil is one of those favorite products that people love to keep handy--ladies in their purse and men in their pocket. The digestive relief properties of peppermint are so well documented that they are pretty much indisputable. For ages, people have used the leaves to make a tea, or chewed on them to help upset stomachs, nausea, or other digestive issues. You will not find on the market a more pure and potent peppermint oil.

Speaking for myself, I go hardly anywhere without a bottle of NSP's peppermint oil in my pocket. Way too many times, I've been out and had food that disagreed with me. The Peppermint Oil was a life saviour. Even when just needing to freshen breath, this product does the trick and more.

Nature's Sunshine Peppermint Oil is extremely pure and potent. It is typically used by putting a few drops in a glass of water after a meal to calm indigestion. If water is not available, simply putting a drop or two on the tongue should be sufficient. This method also is handy as a quick breath freshener. Even though the bottles appear small, one bottle generally lasts a long time...they are often replaced due to loss or from "giving it away" before it runs out.

A couple other less-known uses of peppermint are as an anti-spasmodic and for alertness/concentration. Some people prone to various types of spasms report relief after inhaling. Putting a couple of drops of oil on the temples or neck can be helpful for helping combat mental fatigue or lack of concentration.

Chronic indigestion is probably indicative of more serious digestive issues inside the body. The most common is simply a lack of digestive enzymes. Proactazyme is an excellent, well-rounded digestive enzyme combination that should be a part of any daily routine.

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