Tei Fu® Massage Lotion Review: An Ancient Chinese Skin-Tingling Pleasure

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The name Tei-Fu is not the name of an herb. It is the name of a Chinese herbalist. Starting with a family owned formula that had been passed down from generation to generation for over a thousand years, this herbalist worked on and perfected the formula. He brought it to the United States several years back, and his formula is what Nature's Sunshine uses today.

Usually, people use this product to relieve muscle pain and stiff joints by rubbing directly on the affected area. It is a good topical muscle relaxer, making it useful for many headaches as well.

A related product is Tei-Fu Essential Oil. This product is commonly used by applying a few drops to the neck or temple, giving it a proximity of close to the nose for respiratory intake. It is used also for similar benefits as the lotion.

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