Tei Fu® Essential Oil Review: An Ancient Chinese Treasure

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The name Tei-Fu is not the name of an herb. It is the name of a Chinese herbalist. Starting with a family owned formula that had been passed down from generation to generation for over a thousand years, this herbalist worked on and perfected the formula. He brought it to the United States several years back, and his formula is what Nature's Sunshine uses today.

Many people have reported a variety of benefits. Tei-Fu has menthol in it, which is the substance used in many cough drops and other product to open the respiratory passages. Some people use it for that purpose--simply be putting a few drops on their hands, cupping them over their mouth, and breathing deep. Others use it similarly to help with mental alertness and concentration. Still another use is to relieve headaches. Application of Tei-Fu oil to the temples or neck is the common method for this purpose. While some people do take a small number of drops internally with water occasionally, it generally needs to be used topically or by breathing its vapors.

A related product is Tei-Fu Massage Lotion. This product is commonly used directly on sore muscles for relief, and is another popular product

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