Thai-Go® Review: The Premier Mangosteen Juice Blend Available Today

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Thai-Go® was introduced in 2004, and quickly became Nature's Sunshine top-selling product of all time. It is still one of NSP's top sellers today.

The principle ingredient of Thai-Go® is mangosteen (not to be confused with the mango). Mangosteen is an exotic fruit found in Thailand, The Philippines, China, and other Far Eastern locations. Many studies have been done on mangosteen, particularly on several forms of natural phytochemicals in the mangosteen called xanthones. Although xanthones exist in small amounts in a very few other fruits, the mangosteen is the only known source containing such a large variety of them (about 50 discovered to date) and a high concentration of them. Interestingly enough, it is the rind of the mangosteen that contains the large number and concentration of xanthones, not the fruit itself. A list of some of the papers published on mangosteen xanthones and their use can be found by doing a search in the National Library of Medicine.

There were at least two research projects that involved Thai-Go® specifically. In vitro studies of Thai-Go® was tested with Nature’s Sunshine Paw Paw Cell Reg™ for compatibility in fighting cancer cells. Both of those research projects showed promise.

Another important ingredient in Thai-Go® that is not used in other mangosteen blends is Sea Buckthorn. Studies are also ongoing on this fruit.

According to studies done across the world and listed with the National Library of Medicine, xanthones are credited with a large number of benefits: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-histamine (anti-allergy), serotonin balancing (helps mood, sleep, appetite), anti-parasitic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and much more. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties also make it very beneficial for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. These benefits are commonly reported.

Of particular value to most people are the anti-inflammatory effects of the mangosteen. It is documented that inflammation is either responsible for most adverse physical conditions, or is a byproduct of those conditions. Thus, it is helpful for a large variety of “routine” and “serious” physical conditions where inflammation is an issue.

Nature’s Sunshine Thai-Go® uses a proprietary method in which high amounts of xanthones are extracted from the rind of the mangosteen, then put into a mixture of ingredients that includes mangosteen juice from the fruit, as well as several other fine fruits known for their health benefits. The mixture/composition of Thai-Go® is protected by US patents, and no competitive mangosteen drink on the market has a composition using the ingredients that Thai-Go® does.

Antioxidant strength is usually measured by the ORAC test (Oxidative Radical Absorbance Capacity), an assay developed by Brunswick Laboratories, which is thus the expert on this test. ORAC tests by Brunswick compared with the other leading mangosteen drinks confirm the superiority of Thai-Go®. Also, independent tests by other laboratories on xanthone content result in Thai-Go’s favor.

In a recent development, Thai-Go® is the only mangosteen juice available that qualifies for the Brunswick Laboratories Certification of ORAC, HORAC (antioxidant profile), Xanthone levels, bioflavonoids, and phenols. Getting this certification is very hard to do since it means that a manufacturer must be consistent enough to maintain its high levels on every single bottle--not just those sent in for a test one time. This certification assures customers that they are getting a premier product each and every bottle, and serves notice to competitors that they should carefully evaluate how they market their products against Thai-Go®!

The taste of Thai-Go® is very pleasant. It has a sweet, yet tart taste--comparing favorably to other mangosteen drinks on the market. Mangosteen itself is known for its pleasant taste, earning the nickname of "the queen of fruits." Children tend to love it!

Bottom line: This is one of those health products like a multi-vitamin that virtually everyone (healthy or not) should take. Protecting against oxidative stress and damage is critical. It tastes great, and kids love it. Consider adding Thai-Go® to your daily routine or herbal program!

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