Thyroid Activator Review: Nourish it

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Thyroid Activator used to be known as KC-X. The name was changed in 1999. It is a formula developed by a late renowned master herbalist.

This combination is a collection of herbs that supply trace minerals. The mineral most important to the function of the thyroid is iodine. Thus, several of these herbs--kelp in particular--are chosen because of high iodine content. Other ingredients are Irish moss, black walnut, watercress, parsley, and sarsaparilla.

Several physical conditions may follow when the thyroid is deficient or malnourished, the most well-known being the lowering of metabolism and subsequent weight gain. Another obvious one would be lack of energy, since the whole purpose of the metabolic process is to convert food into energy.

An important note is that this is typically used in the case of an underactive thyroid, not overactive.

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