Urinary Maintenance Review: Your Life Depends on 2.4 Million Kidney Filters

Urinary Maintenance Product Page/Ordering Information

Urinary Maintenance is Nature's Sunshine key product for the urinary system. It is used as a gentle diuretic and as a kidney strengthener. Strong kidneys do a much better job of eliminating toxins and maintaining the pH (acid-alkaline) balance in the body. Generally, it can also be taken if a person has kidney infection, and seems to help inflammation of the kidney as well. Urinary formulas that have these properties are not easy to come by.

It contains potassium, a key mineral needed for the urinary system, as well as magnesium. Other well-known urinary nutritive herbs such as asparagus, dandelion, cornsilk, hydrangea, and uva ursi are also included. Cornsilk is an old-time herbal remedy for children's bedwetting. Hydrangea is often used by people with kidney stones or gall stones.

Many people experience urinary tract infection at some point in their lives. Nature's Sunshine combines two herbs known for helping urinary tract infection--Cranberry and Buchu--into one convenient formula.

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