VS-C® Review: A Chinese Approach to Helping your Body Fight Viruses

Chinese VS-C® TCM Product Page/Ordering Information

VS-C® is a very popular product with Nature's Sunshine that actually exists in three different forms: VS-C® (standard), VS-C® TCM (concentrated), and VS-C® liquid. It was actually developed by Wenwei Xie, a traditional Chinese doctor. After looking for an herbal company to sell/distribute his product, he chose Nature's Sunshine. Formerly, this product was sold under the name HRP-C, with the HRP denoting herpes and C indicating Chinese. It is still sold in Canada under that name. Dr. Xie developed this herbal formula for use against the herpes simplex virus, and that is its most common use today. Various scientific testing indicated its effectiveness against the virus.

VS-C® was developed with herbs to stimulate immunity against bacterial and viral infections. Some people use it for other viral conditions as well.

VS-C®, the standard formula, was available with the liquid for many years. However, in 2005, Nature's Sunshine enlisted the help of another Chinese herbal doctor to develop the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) version. Because of the fact that it is concentrated, the cost per dosage is lower than the standard capsules. Thus the TCM version is becoming more popular.

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