Weight Loss Key Products

Weight Loss Guide: Picking the Best NSP Supplement for you

Needing weight loss help, but confused by your options? Let's make it simple...

Since the banning of ephedra by the FDA, the dilemma for people such as yourself has been finding a replacement that had the broad appeal of ephedra products--one that helps with appetite control and boosted metabolism. Simply put, products similar to those that were ephedra-based do not exist any longer.

Since there has been no replacement that addressed several different factors affecting weight loss, consumers have had to be more conscious of what their own particular "key" is to weight loss and to choose products accordingly. In a nutshell, here are the basic dietary keys to weight loss:

  • Cleansing. (Actually a good way to beginning a weight loss program). Helps maximize nutrition and rids the body of excess waste buildup in the colon.
  • Meal Replacement. Important strategy to get nutritious meals quickly and easily when you need convenience or feel fatigued.
  • Calorie Blockers. As the name implies, blocks selected calories from absorption and storage in your body.
  • Metabolism Boosters. Help raise your body's burn rate of calories slightly.
  • Appetite Suppressants. Keep you from getting hungry.
  • Other miscellaneous products--such as cortisol blockers (stress-related)

Do you know your personal "keys" to weight loss? Here are the suggested products.


Recommended Product: Dieter's Cleanse

Meal Replacement

Recommended Products: Love & Peas, SmartMeal (Chai or Vanilla flavors most popular)

Calorie Blockers

Recommended Products: SweetFX (blocks sugar), Carbo Grabbers (blocks carbs in general), Fat Grabbers (blocks fat)

Appetite Suppressants

Recommended Product: Stixated. Also, the meal replacements like Love & Peas and SmartMeal can play a role here

Metabolism Boosters

Recommended Product: UltraTherm or UltraTherm CF (the CF is caffeine-free)


Below is a video covering many of Nature Sunshine's weight loss options. One or more is likely right for you!